Jumat, 07 Desember 2012


For wound application to promote healing & prevent infections.

Sterile procedural that contains: For delivery of newborn birth.

Sterile procedural that contains: 
  1. 1000ml Galipot/Kidney Dish with 3 Compartments
  2. Plastic Tray.
  3. Plastic LDPE Sterile Field
  4. Non Woven Patient Drape, Blue Color
  5. 17' x 24' Under pad, Blue Color
  6. Latex Examination Gloves
  7. Cotton Balls
  8. 2m Cotton String
  9. Sterile Cord Clamps
  10. Sterile Amniotic Hook
  11. Dressing Towel
  12. Disposable Bag/Limpet Bag/Biohazard Bag
  13. Green Crepe Paper
  14. With or without Umbilical Cord Scissor
Contents can be customized according to user's specifications.
  1. Plain Gauze Swabs
  2. Cotton Balls
  3. Forceps/Twister
  4. Limpet Bag/Disposable Bag/Biohazard Bag
  5. Hand Towel
  6. Plastic LDPE Patient Drape
  7. Sterile LDPE Outer Wrap/LDPE Sterile Field
  8. Plastic Tray with 3 Compartments
Available in hard/medium/soft tray with 0 to 3 forceps.

Contents can be customized according to user's specification

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