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Laica Piston Nebulizer type MD6028


Laica Piston Nebulizer type MD6028

  • Essential instrument for treating respiratory problems, Very fast and professional

  • Reliable, pratical and safe, Air suction through aspiration (replaceable filter)

  • Packed in a custom designed display box, 5 languages Instruction manual

  • Equipped with : Adult mask, pediatric mask, air tube, ampoule,nebulisìzer fitting, nosepiece and mouthpiece

Product Overview

Laica Piston Nebulizer type MD6028

Piston nebulizer for aerosoltherapy 

A nebuliser is a breathing machine that converts liquid medicine into a fine mist that can be easily inhaled. The piston nebulizer is one of the most effective instruments for treating respiratory problems. The piston system gives very fast and fine nebulization and can be used with the majority of prescribed drugs, increasing the benefits of the treatment.
It is excellent for domestic purposes, practical and easy to use and requires no maintenance.
Nebulisers are good for young children, people who have trouble using metered dose inhalers and people with severe asthma.

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