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Olympus CX21 Microscope Binoculer Mikroskop Binokuler


Olympus CX21 Microscope Binoculer-Mikroskop Binokuler

  • Illumination System Built-in transmitted illumination system 6V20W halogen bulb 100-240V 50/60Hz universal voltage

  • Focusing Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke 20mm) Fine focus graduation: 2.5µm

  • Revolving nosepiece Fixed quadruple nosepiece

  • Stage Wire movement mechanical fixed stage: 120X132mm Traveling range: 76mm(X)X30mm(Y) Single specimen holder

  • Observation tube 30° inclined binocular tube Interpupillary distance adjustment range 48-75mm

  • Condenser Abbe type with aperture iris diaphragm N.A.: 1.25 Objective lens Plan Achromatic objectives (anti-fungus)

  • Objective Lens: 

    • 4X N.A.: 0.10 W.D.: 18.5mm

    • 10X N.A.: 0.25 W.D.: 10.6mm

    • 40X N.A.: 0.65 W.D.: 0.6mm

    • 100X N.A.: 1.25 W.D.: 0.13mm (option)

  • Eyepiece (10X) Field Number (F.N.): 18 (anti-fungus)

  • Optional accessories Mirror unit, 15X eyepiece (F.N. 12, anti-fungus), cord rest, wooden storage box (264(W) X 305(D) X 474(H)mm), filar micrometer, wire pointer, filter holder, darkfield stop
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Hanna HI 98107 pH Meter

  • Range 1999 ppm

  • Resolution 1 ppm

  • Accuracy (@20°C/68°F)  ±2% f.s

  • Battery Type  4 x 1.5V alkaline

  • Battery Life approx. 200 hours of use

  • Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F);RH Max 95% non condensing

  • Dimensions 175 x 41 x 23 mm (6.9 x 1.6 x 0.9")

  • Weight 95 g (3.4 oz.)

Product Overview

Olympus CX21 Microscope Binoculer-Mikroskop Binokuler

The CX21 is solid, easy to operate and reliable. This microscope is designed for educational and routine laboratory users performing biological applications. It is equipped with infinity-corrected Plan Achromat objectives, which offer exceptional flatness and produce sharp, clear images right up to the edge of the field of view. The CX21 system is affordably priced for as low as $899.

Other built-in features of the CX21 include: 6V/20W halogen bulb with an aspherical collector lens that delivers clear, stable illumination; fixed Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25; right-hand stage with rackless design and low positioned X,Y controls; and quadruple revolving nosepiece. The CX21’s compact design allows for easy portability and storage. The eyepieces, objectives and condenser are all factory attached to the microscope body ensuring that no component is dropped or detached during transportation or regular use

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