Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

alat bantu kesehatan

Nebulizer Omron
Alat Bantu Uap untuk mengencerkan Dahak / Lendir dalam Tubuh.
Rp 725.000,-
Alat Sedot / Hisap Dahak - Suction Pump
A pump for drawing up a liquid by means of suction produced by a piston drawn through a cylinder.

Rp 2.500.000,-
Nebulizer Polygreen Germany
- Easy to use operation with charger battery
- Ready to go system for quick patient set-up.
- Air tube features easy to grip air plugs.

- Includes carrying case.
Rp 850.000,-
Pen Light Diagnostic
Rp 425.000,-
Kasur Angin / Kasur (Anti) Decubitus
Kasur Angin yg Berfungsi u/ Mencegah Luka/Lecet Akibat Terlalu Lama Di Tempat Tidur Pasien.
Rp 875.000,-
Pampers Dewasa Dr. P
Pampers Dewasa Dr. P uk. M isi : 10 Pcs

Pampers Dewasa Dr. P uk. isi L : 8 Pcs

Underpad (Perlak Disposable) isi 10
@Rp 55.000,-

@Rp 35.000,-
Mortar - Alat Tumbuk Obat
was used to grind food as well as medicine
Rp 50.000,-
Alat Bantu Dengar - Hearing Aid
A device to help people with hearing disabilities Small device without Cable
Rp 350.000,-

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